Feed Me, Alex!

Hey dude (or dudette), do you want to share in my quest to make delicious food of all kinds? Do you want to see me both fail and succeed as I attempt to build a life and career for myself centered around food? Or are you just interested in learning some new recipes or gain more understanding about various food items? Whatever your motivations, this blog is sure to be educational, inspiring, entertaining, and downright embarrassing at times.

Welcome to Feed Me, Alex! On this blog, I will document my journey of learning about and making amazing food as I work to build my own successful food business. I’ll be posting about recipes, food experiments, food science, and perhaps even some restaurant reviews. SPOILER ALERT: I will fail at this, but I will also ultimately succeed. It’ll be kinda like watching those sports movies where you know the team will ultimately prevail, but they hold you in suspense the whole time by introducing all kinds of challenges that the team couldn’t possibly overcome – but somehow they always do. Anyways, if you’re not a sports fan (who has time for that anyway when there’s so much food to make/eat), just know that yes, I will be presented with many challenges along the way that will surely cause me to fail in my endeavors – but I will ultimately succeed, and that is because I really want to! You, the reader, just get to sit back and watch the whole thing – how fun!

So buckle up and enjoy. I hope that you can learn something from me, and maybe I can learn something from you too? That’d be sweet.



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